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About The Defense Fund

An Abortion and Pregnancy Defense Fund

The Repro Legal Defense Fund covers bail, legal fees, and other expenses to fund strong defenses against unjust charges related to abortion and pregnancy outcomes (e.g., miscarriage, stillbirth). We can help whether your case is criminal, with child protective services, or immigration.

Why We Exist

The criminalization of people’s pregnancy outcomes isn’t new. Since 2021, we’ve been funding strong defense for people criminalized for abortion and other pregnancy outcomes–primarily people who self-manage their abortion and those who help them.

Criminalization of abortion, pregnancy loss (e.g., miscarriage or stillbirth), and other pregnancy outcomes is driven by stigma, not the law.  Criminalization not only has far-reaching effects on communities and families, but is often punishment— for the most marginalized amongst us—because we’ve exercised autonomy and survival. Prosecutors often weaponize people’s economic status, substance usage, immigration status, survivorship, and more to criminalize people for pregnancy outcomes.

We believe that people who are criminalized for abortion and other pregnancy outcomes deserve to have experienced defense attorneys on every part of their team, including their abortion legal defense fund. That’s why our criminal defense fund is staffed by former public defenders who have worked with survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence, and practiced criminal, family, immigration, and parole defense. 


We're People-Centered

Meet the team of skilled and compassionate lawyers dedicated to our abortion defense fund helping ensure that no body is criminalized. 

Whether it’s criminalized abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths, or other pregnancy outcomes, we believe a strong defense requires resourcing our communities, and providing trauma-informed, holistic, person-centered advocacy.

When people need support, our defenders meet them with care, not judgment.

The Repro Legal Defense Fund is housed by If/When/How, which works to ensure everyone has the power and support to make decisions about their bodies, families, and communities.

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Your donation helps the Repro Legal Defense Fund, counter the harms of criminalization, one case at a time. From funding high-end bail costs to transportation costs, your donations big and small, help our clients get out and stay out of jail.

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