No Body Criminalized

The Repro Legal Defense Fund provides bail and strong defenses for anyone criminalized for something that happens during pregnancy, and the folks who directly support them.

If you are being criminalized for an abortion, pregnancy loss, or for something that happened during your pregnancy, we’ve got you. No one deserves to be behind bars for how their pregnancy ends.

Criminalization is financially and emotionally expensive. Our fund covers practical support costs for the whole human who is criminalized: paying for bail, attorneys fees, expert witnesses, social workers, commissary, cell phones and other costs for those targeted by the state.


About Us

We’re compassionate advocates and legal experts who provide financial support to people criminalized for their pregnancy outcomes.

We fight against cops, prosecutors, and the criminal, family and immigration courts that unjustly target people for ending their own pregnancies and pregnant people. 

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If you’re being investigated, arrested, or incarcerated for your pregnancy ending, we can help you fight back. Find out what we cover and get in touch with our legal experts.

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Learn more about the RLDF and the financial support we offer. Plus find more information about abortion and the law.

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Have an urgent question about your rights and abortion? If/When/How’s Repro Legal Helpline, can help.

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