Repro Legal Defense Fund

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No Body Criminalized.

The Repro Legal Defense Fund provides financial support for people investigated or fighting charges related to their pregnancy or abortion.

We can help

Are you or a loved one being investigated or charged in criminal, family, or immigration court?

because of an at-home or in-clinic abortion

after having a miscarriage or stillbirth

because of substance use during your pregnancy


Are you are facing a legal emergency? Do you have questions about the laws in your state? Contact our safe, free, and confidential helpline: 844-868-2812

What we cover

  • Bail, bond, home monitoring expenses, court fees, fines, and sentencing costs
  • Attorney, investigation, and expert witness fees
  • Transportation related to your case
  • Therapy and medical treatment related to your case
  • Commissary and communication costs while incarcerated

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About Us

We’re compassionate advocates and legal experts who provide financial support to people criminalized for their pregnancy outcomes or other decisions about their bodies.

We provide confidential, personalized, and judgement-free help.

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Our Impact


Percent of people in city and county jails being held pretrial




States we serve


People we’ve served who have been unjustly criminalized

Our Values


Judgment-free services.


You get to decide what's best for you.


Your privacy is our priority.


The Repro Legal Defense Fund is a project of If/When/How 

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